soy natalie olaya, a New York Colombian designer currently studying at RISD


Higher by Rihanna Cover 

Covering the song Higher by Rihanna.
Directed, designed the set and focused on lighting the set.

Wearable Design

Chicken Chase x Beyoncé

Placing the series Chicken Chase onto a physical space such as apparel. They now become wearable, abstracted versions on Olivier Rousteing's Spring 2019 Balmain couture pieces.

Wearable Design

Creatures x Nike

My creatures already live on street signs, phones, and other personal belongings. Placing them on shoes becomes another step in linking these creatures to the body. 



This piece discusses my response to my experience with the diaspora of Latinx people by blurringthe lines between my home city of Queens,and the mother land for me: Colombia.


Chicken Chase

These abstract pieces focus on emotion through color as well as a composition created by elements of important characters and settings in Florida.


Birds of a Dead Paradise

After reading an article about the recent extinction of the Blue Macaws, this piece displays how beautiful nature really is and how we should begin to think about preservation.

Books/ Typography

Dos Voces

Each page has been typeset in specific styles ranging from Centered justified to a texture made up of the type itself. The quotes are in both English and Spanish.


Black Lives, Matter

Redesigned Lanka Tattersall’s book Black Lives, Matter; a book diving in depth into Kerry James Marshall’s work.

Books/ Typography

Anotaciones: Oro y Textiles

Anotaciones: Oro y Textiles covers my inspirations of indigenous Colombian gold art, Peruvian and Mexican textiles and how it inspired wearable design.


Mango Street Block Party

The RISD Mango Street Block Party is a space created for Latinx students to share la cultura with music, art and food with a prodomiently white institution.


GOYA redesign

Redesigned Goya fruit drinks taking inspiration from other artists.


RISD Latinx Club:
Mango Street

A branding experience for RISD’s first Latinx Club.

dark room photography

En Rhode Island...

Growing up in Queens New York, I have been surrounded by all types of hispanic culture. Going to a predominantly white institute, I did not see myself or my culture reflected or respected. Rhode Island has a community of hispanic people and I decided to go and explore areas where I can see my culture.



Photographed each model wearing the earrings focusing on the communcation between light, the earrings and the models.

Product Photography/ Wearable Design


Phorographed each model wearing the earrings focusing on the communcation between light, the earrings and the colors of the background.