nyc x risd x colombia

Soy Natalie Olaya, a New York Colombiana currently pursuing my bachelor's at the Rhode Island School of Design.

I am loud, I am proud and I love to amplify my voice and culture through vibrant colors, music and great design.

I love learning and exploring different mediums: I can't do just one form of "design" or "art".  My interests as a student have pushed me  to explore exhibition design, 3D design, typography, color design, RISO, jewelry, apparel and much more. I

t's important for me to explore my identity as I grew up feeling this "Double Consciousness". As a student at a predominantly white institute  its important to use my privilege of being in this space to talk about being Latina and my culture fused with my New  York upbringing: what makes me unique

Currently I am an intern at the Glitter Goddess Collective in Providence: a group of Black and Brown creatives designed to give back a la Comunidad

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Outfit by @angelitaworldwide
Photograph by @stevenbluna