Mango Street Block Party 

The RISD Mango Street Block Party is a space created for hispanic students to share la cultura with music, art and food with a prodomiently white institution.

RISO flyers & postcards, posters, stickers, style guide

“The ‘Mango Street’ club establishes a community for people from all backgrounds of the Latinx diaspora regardless of differences... The club mission is to help individuals feel included and welcomed within RISD’s campus. We hope to provide unity within our space to address and access the resources available as we better undderstand and share our narratives through the experiences we create at RISD and beyond.”

Mango Street Block Party RISO postcards, posters, stickers, Satin posters
Fall 2019
The Summer 20 Block Party will be located in Market Square and will have music by local Latinx DJ’s, food serviced by local Latinx resturants and art by the Latinx students at RISD.